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La plateforme d’indexation INVENIO : Une approche MPEG-7 pour la réutilisation des contenus multimédias

ZAHARIA Titus, VAUCELLE Alain, Thomas LAQUET, « La plateforme d’indexation INVENIO : Une approche MPEG-7 pour la réutilisation des contenus multimédia ». Actes du treizième colloque international sur le document électronique 16-17 décembre 2010, Paris.

Abstract: This paper proposes a new multimedia indexing platform, so-called INVENIO (INdexing Visual ENvironment for multimedia Items and Objects). Based on the ISO/MPEG-7 standard INVENIO integrates within a unified platform feature extraction engines, annotation tools, database management utilities and search engine, with user-friendly and ergonomic user interfaces. For validation of the INVENIO system, we have
considered an industrial application related to the French CapDigital HD3D-IIO structuring project and concerning the re-use of content within the audio-visual production chain. Experiments relate to different audiovisual production chains, including both natural and synthetic content (i.e. cartoons). The proposed indexing solutions show that the exploitation of the MPEG-7 content-based indexing technologies within the INVENIO system males it possible to achieve significant gains in production time as well as an optimal reutilisation ofdigital content under production.


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