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The INVENIO Platform for 2D/3D Content Re-use

ZAHARIA Titus, Thomas LAQUET,VAUCELLE Alain, Françoise PRETEUX, ” The INVENIO Platform for 2D/3D Content Re-use “. The 29th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), January 9-12 2011, Las vegas, USA.

In this paper, we propose a novel image indexing platform, so-called INVENIO (INdexing Visual ENvironment for multimedia Items and Objects). INVENIO offers to professional users both 2D and 3D content re-use facilities. Concerning the 2D aspects, the system is entirely based on the ISO/MPEG-7 normative specification. INVENIO integrates visual metadata extraction engine, annotation tools, image databases management tools, as well as appropriated, ergonomic user interfaces. In the case of 3D graphical content, INVENIO makes it possible to exploit existing animation curves for generating new content and thus accelerating the content production process.

The INVENIO Platform for 2D-3D Content Re-Use

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