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Les normes des TICE du XXIème siècle

Colloque international CIUEN 2008 “L’université à l’ère du numérique” 10-11-12/12/2008 Bordeaux

In a society undergoing profound changes, dissemination of knowledge is a major challenge, particularly for education and training. However, the sharing of rich media content to reach the largest number of users is heavily dependent on the standardization of ICTE (Information Technology and Communication for Education). However, this does not present the standards environment to meet the challenges of the movement of knowledge. However, the interest of ISO-MPEG standards is their ability to define a framework that complies within the entire chain of production and distribution of multimedia contents. In a context of efficient social impact and technological innovation, standardizing technologies in education and training requires convergence and consensus among educators and communities of experts in multimedia resources and techniques. Faced with these challenges, the authors analyze the benefits of this innovative standardizing approach based on ICTE metadata.

Les normes des TICE du 21 siecle@CUIEN2008

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